Gambling i Gaming-industrien

In the modern era technology has many aspects that define our relationship with the
world outside of our subjective senses. It, therefore, becomes crucial in an academic
sense to investigate such a relationship between a certain technology and the subject
which through their practice of interaction with the tech, comes to a new
understanding of the world, and through said interaction, therefore, acts differently
than otherwise.

VR i sundhedssektoren

VR’s applications have broadly been viewed as deeply connected and thus isolated within the gaming sector.

However, the technology’s ability to play with people’s perceptions using presence through incorporation of PI and PSI, means
that now applications within the health sector have shown more promise.

Considering people suffering from social anxiety disorder, this report seeks to uncover how therapists in conjunction with their patients are using VR in treatment.

Workshop – Mars, Psyken + tek i rummet

Astronauter står over for enorme psykologiske udfordringer ved længere rumrejser. VR er potentielt et værktøj, der kan styrke psyken i denne situation.

Her er vores forsøg på at illustrere dette.

Tulle – The Opensource Smart-Assistant

Project Tulle is an opensource Smart-Assistant, that can tell you a joke on-demand, and what the weather is like. You can also tell it ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good afternoon’ and ‘Goodnight’.

Here’s our code-presentation link:

Here’s our code for you to edit and play with:

Here’s a link for our video-production:

Dataindsamling & det digitale samtykke

‘Big Data’ is widely used to describe the collection of data which companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Google do.
In this paper, we will analyse and cover the topic ‘data collection’ and how the Project Group can inform our target audience about what kind of data they allow companies to collect when they ‘accept’ their cookies, and which tools can be used to increase their privacy and the freedom to act while browsing the internet.

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