Fremtidens boliger på vand

Climate change are having a big impact on increasing the water level all around the world and can reach a point where it will drive a lot of people out of their homes, all around the world. This change can happen at any moment, so we think it is time to explore other options concerning living conditions. But where shall we live when the sea has taken over, if not our entire country, then large parts of our country?


Vi har lavet en fjernstyret bil

Arduino Ninja Workshop


Psykiske sygdomme simuleres i rum

The purpose of this study is to investigate how one can create a design, using Virtual Reality, that seeks to simulate mental illness, and thereby create an own-body experience.  However, this research, is focused on creating a simulation of social anxiety only. By analysis of self-conducted interviews with specialists and people who suffer from social anxiety we have further built our understanding of social anxiety. This has helped us in creating an optimal simulation scenario.