Fremtidens boliger på vand

Climate change are having a big impact on increasing the water level all around the world and can reach a point where it will drive a lot of people out of their homes, all around the world. This change can happen at any moment, so we think it is time to explore other options concerning living conditions. But where shall we live when the sea has taken over, if not our entire country, then large parts of our country?

Oplevelses design af klimaforandringer

How do we spread the word about climate change and hopefully make a difference in the future? In a project based on climate change and the awareness surrounding it, not only in certain parts of the world but globally. We made a product to help younger ones opening their eyes to the climate problems of the world. The assignment will cover areas like FN’s Paris agreement and some of the more known climate problems that are affecting humans, like drought, cold, pollution, melting
ice and rising water levels. From the problems of the world to the future of the next generation. –

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