Augmented reality til kulturformidling

This paper examines how the guests at the State Museum of Art interacts with the 400-year-old painting “The Fall of the Titans”. At The Fall of the Titans, an augmented reality (AR) installa-tion has been made by the AR and VR company Khora. With this AR installation it’s possible, through the guest’s phone, to see the picture come to life. The paper investigates the guest’s challenges and experiences with the interaction. This paper outlines different tourist and innovation theories.


This paper examines the generational change in ownership of the company Randers Handsker and the changes it has brought. It investigates the modernization the company has undergone, which e.g., in-cluded the creation of a new brand named Rhanders. This paper outlines different branding and organization theories. The main method is through an interview with CEO and one of Rhanders’ owners, Rina Hansen. By doing this we have gained internal knowledge about the company, as well as Rina’s personal thoughts and her goals.

AI og spilleadfærd

This project is about how Danske Spil exploits artificial technology to identify and prevent problematic betting behaviour. We have been in direct contact with two employees from Danske Spil to collect the necessary data to answer the problem definition. One of them is the actual developer of the model, the other one is the person who is responsible for “Responsible Gaming”

In the theoretical part of this project, we examined in-depth how AI works, and found out that Danske Spil uses Supervised learning to optimise their model.

Teams påvirkning på hjemmearbejde

This project is based on the communication tools Microsoft Teams and Skype and how they are used by the respondents. The project shows, through the use of, two employees from BEC and Danske Spil how they feel affected by the use of these two tools as their primary communica-tion systems when the fremgangsmåde work from home. Furthermore, the project analyses and shows, through the use of the Preliminary model and the SECI-model, how the employees effi-ciency and knowledge sharing are affected as they work from home over the communication tools Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Selvkørende biler

Through this project, artificial intelligence and the communication system Vehicle to Everything will be explained regarding the technology. Furthermore, the project analyses and shows, through the use of qualitative content analysis, how the United States Department of Transportation and the European commission envision the future for automated mobility in the US and in Europe. The project will further conclude how the US jeopardize safety regulations in order to enhance innovation, while the EU provoke careful planning and safety regulations, which slows the innovation process.

Psykiske sygdomme simuleres i rum

The purpose of this study is to investigate how one can create a design, using Virtual Reality, that seeks to simulate mental illness, and thereby create an own-body experience.  However, this research, is focused on creating a simulation of social anxiety only. By analysis of self-conducted interviews with specialists and people who suffer from social anxiety we have further built our understanding of social anxiety. This has helped us in creating an optimal simulation scenario.

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