Solceller i Danmark

The following paper strives to explain the circumstances relating to the use of solar panels in Danish households. We draw conclusions based on empirical evidence, analysis and theory from the “TRINmodel” and Actor-Network Analysis. Our goal is to create an understanding of what might limit or increase the purchase and installation of solar panels, with the hope that this knowledge might be used to further the use of solar panels.


The following project is a design-focused solution, based on the problems regarding the use of wash toilets as a healthcare technology in Danish nursing homes.This project has produced a design and knowledge to deepen our understanding of the wash toilet’s role in Danish healthcare – and in doing so, it also contributes to understanding future problems and seeing where our current knowledge is incomplete.

ZINES – Harry Potter style

Der er mange ting som jeg har lært i løbet af denne workshop. Hvis I missede læsningen af denne ZINE til showtime, så frygt ej! pdf’en indeholder hele min ZINE, så alle kan få mulighed for at læse den.

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