AI detection of toxic comments

This paper is a research of the challenges associated with detection of online toxicity. It is primarily based on
a machine learning challenge posted to by Jigsaw and Conversation AI. Thus our research on
machine learning and AI identification of toxic comments is based on an attempt to fulfill this challenge.

Eksoskeleton for elders

Something educational about exoskeletons

Hydroponics i Byen

This report is centered around hydroponic systems and their place in society. Using the ‘Trin Model’ we analyse the benefits and detriments of water gardening in cities and common households. We will analyse whether they are cost effective, their easiness in use and their benefits to the environment, in which we lay the foundations of our own design. What we concluded, was that hydroponics is indeed beneficent on space, economy, but difficult to implement. In our own design we failed to produce a finished plant, but in the technique itself, we can conclude that it is possible to refine and imp


Vi har lavet en fjernstyret bil

Workshop Opgaver



The following project is a design-focused solution, based on the problems regarding the use of wash toilets as a healthcare technology in Danish nursing homes.This project has produced a design and knowledge to deepen our understanding of the wash toilet’s role in Danish healthcare – and in doing so, it also contributes to understanding future problems and seeing where our current knowledge is incomplete.

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