Fertilitet i Danmark

The purpose of this report is to examinate artificial insemination and the related discourses in news media. The report attempts to apply different scientific theories regarding feminism to explain the different views from the articles. The report therefore has a focus on subjectivity technology and society as well as a minor focus on technological systems and artefacts. The goal of the report is to discuss whether there is a scientific explanation of the discrimination within laws of scientific insemination or if the reasoning is a result of discourses.

Hydroponics i Byen

This report is centered around hydroponic systems and their place in society. Using the ‘Trin Model’ we analyse the benefits and detriments of water gardening in cities and common households. We will analyse whether they are cost effective, their easiness in use and their benefits to the environment, in which we lay the foundations of our own design. What we concluded, was that hydroponics is indeed beneficent on space, economy, but difficult to implement. In our own design we failed to produce a finished plant, but in the technique itself, we can conclude that it is possible to refine and imp


This paper investigates the best possible learning strategy to inform children in primary school about climate change throughout a possible design solution. This design solution works sideways ecophobia among children and seeks to prevent further development. This project is based on the dimensions Design and Construction, and Subjectivity, Technology and Society. To investigate further, this paper will examine theories behind learning and teaching and how to generate a design for children. Getting to know what children from primary school knows about climate change, this project…

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