Aktiv dødshjælp

The general theme of this report is technological systems and artefacts. Besides method related to technological systems and artefacts, the report will also include method and theories from the humanistic faculty. The purpose of the report is to explore euthanasia in general, as well as the discussion of implementation and legalization of euthanasia in Denmark. The report uses the Netherlands and Schweiz as cases, for how euthanasia is practiced legally. To explore different views of euthanasia, we have conducted interviews and analyzed how each argument works.

Persondata Sikkerhed

The usage of social media and the web has increased with 11% since 2012, this means that the data generated everyday also increases with the same amount or more. One of the biggest issues with the social media is the societies concern over their personal data and how these are exploited by organisations and private companies. This has resulted in governmental initiatives with data regulations such as the GDPR lows and etc.

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