Kommunikation under Corona

This project will explore the problems that occurred when physical meetings were replaced by online meetings, and how students adapted during this process. To examine the problem, this project will conduct interviews and observations of students, and interview counsellors at Roskilde University. Furthermore, theory on Online Collaboration, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and Computer Supported Cooperative Work is included in the analysis of the gathered data. Within scientific theory Postphenomenology is featured to shed light upon the relation between humans and technology.

Byplanlægning i det offentlige rum

The area under the motorway bridge, Bispeengbuen, has been a problematic part of Copen-hagen since it was constructed in 1969. Due to occasional copious amounts of rainwater, the area often experiences flooding which makes it difficult to utilize for recreational and social purposes. This project will explore the possibility of designing a recreational space, incorporation water management as part of the solution. The design will include two ‘water walls’ and a water stream to emphasize the use of the rainwater in a recreational setting


This paper investigates the best possible learning strategy to inform children in primary school about climate change throughout a possible design solution. This design solution works sideways ecophobia among children and seeks to prevent further development. This project is based on the dimensions Design and Construction, and Subjectivity, Technology and Society. To investigate further, this paper will examine theories behind learning and teaching and how to generate a design for children. Getting to know what children from primary school knows about climate change, this project…

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