Bachelor (2023)

Currently, Astma-Allergi Danmark, as an organization, is responsible for manually collecting pollen
data across Denmark. However, there is potential for improvement through the application of AI
and machine learning. Due to a lack of collaboration with Astma-Allergi Denmark, this project
aims to investigate the collection methods of pollen and develop an attempt to create an image
recognition AI that can automate the organization’s manual processes. Given the limited
knowledge and cooperation regarding their internal systems, the projekt relies on building
networks with external partners to es

Vertikal farmings rolle i en bæredygti

This paper regards the possible role of vertical farming in a transition of the conventional agriculture towards sustainability in Denmark. Therefore, the appliances as well as the limitations of vertical farming are established as well as the actors (such as vertical farmers, conventional agriculture, consumers, and the government) and their relations to each other and to the forementioned transition.
Agriculture, in general, covers more than 1/3 of earths landmass, and a little less than 2/3 of Denmark’s landmass. Conventional agriculture poses different environmental challenges, such as em

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Smartphones & Miljøet

This project revolves around the environmental issues regarding smartphones.

Slingshot 3000

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