This study explains what chronic diseases are in a general sense, and what challenges a patient with chronic disease faces. Based on this, the group have created a collaboration with Tina Ryberg, to develop a website that will motivate, and increase the quality of life of chronically affected patients.

antidepressiv medicin

This paper will explain and discuss subjects regarding depression, and its consequences. Depression is among the most common mental disorders, and it is estimated that depression affects roughly around 150 to 300 thousand people in Denmark every year.

Blockchain og Kryptovaluta

This paper researches the topic of criminalities influence on Bitcoin.

Workshop Design af fremtidens …..

Det her har været vores forløb på vores workshop

Genanvendelse af elektronik

We have researched the topic reuse and recycling of mobile phones.

Here is the final result.


Dette er det jeg er kommet frem til under min workshops periode

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