Bideo – E-lærings IT-forundersøgelse

This report details the IT design process, that we conducted in partnership with the danish media company, Mediehuset. The concept of the product, Bideo, is an e-learning platform, that is to be used in Danish high schools. On the site, you will be able to write and publish articles. We have used “Concept of an Educational Design”, theories about affordances, web design and e-learning to develop our final design. Our process is inspired by the MUST model. We developed 3 prototypes and a design model for the development of e-learning “zones” and IT-Systems in that realm (DEEZNUTS).

Gaming og Sundhedsvaner Blandt Unge

This report examines the relationship between children and gaming. Our focus is on how
gaming and the gaming industry affects children between 14 and 16 years of age. Studies
shows that, obesity among children is associated with increased screentime. We have used
different theories, such as SDOH and SCOT.
The analysis and research conducted throughout this report, helped shape our final design, which is a video.
Furthermore, we designed a model (GAUS) which describes the factors that affect the young
people’s behaviour, in relation to gaming and health habits.


Her er vores svar på vores endelige projekt. Vi har forsøgt at svare på vores problemformulering der lyder: På hvilken måde kan man opfylde brugernes og makeupartisternes behov i udviklingen af en platform, der forbinder dem?

Derudover har vi tilføjet vores bilag til vores rapport, samt den visuelle præsentation, som en ekstra billedfil.

Til slut har vi et link til vores hjemmeside (Unimakeups hjemmeside: ).

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