An interactive, Social workout app, developed in the android development environment. Java and Google’s Firebase platform for backend, database management. Zensomotion ® is here. Zense the motion.
The motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat. Yo, i am hoping that i stay afloat. Keep working hard and you’ll be the goat. baaaaah.

Bideo – E-lærings IT-forundersøgelse

This report details the IT design process, that we conducted in partnership with the danish media company, Mediehuset. The concept of the product, Bideo, is an e-learning platform, that is to be used in Danish high schools. On the site, you will be able to write and publish articles. We have used “Concept of an Educational Design”, theories about affordances, web design and e-learning to develop our final design. Our process is inspired by the MUST model. We developed 3 prototypes and a design model for the development of e-learning “zones” and IT-Systems in that realm (DEEZNUTS).

SoMe’s effekt på unges mentale sundhed

This project focuses on the overall growth of social media, and the effects it has had, and continues to have on modern society, as well as the modern citizen. We have therefore chosen to first discuss the diffusion of Facebook and Instagram, with regards to the sixth step of Thomas Budde Christensen, Erling Jelsøe og Niels Jørgensens TRIN-model. This step will in our paper focus on the driving forces as well as the barriers that define the diffusion of both Facebook and Instagram.

Virtual Reality som supplerende læring

This paper focuses on Virtual Reality, and the technology’s functionality as a tool that would be used to aid education in specifically the scientific subjects at Roskilde Universitet.

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