Konflikter i naturområdet Drivsåtskoven.

Genanvendelse af plastik

n this paper we examine the transition of the Danish plastic recycling praxis towards a more sustainable praxis. Our theoretical frame is partially based on use of the theory of sociotechnical systems and the terms standardization of methods and boundary objects. Through our analysis and the conclusion of the paper we conclude that the transition mentioned above is highly dependent on communication between actors within the industry. Furthermore, we argue that the framework presented by Geels in the theory of sociotechnical systems may not completely fit the reality we met during out work.

VR som motivationsfremmer

In this paper, we examine whether Virtual Reality can contribute to a change in motivation regarding to the natural sciences within an educational context, based on a VR-experiment using the smartphone application Up’n’Atom, conductedwith a seventh-grade class at Borup Skole.Our analysis of motivation is based on an understanding that motivation is a highly subjective term and thus makes it practically impossible to quantify in any way.

Fuzzy To Final – “Pap-shot-bakken”

Vi har i workshopperioden forsøgt at designe en en holder til shots, der er let at producere. Derfor er vores materialevalg faldet på pap. Endvidere har vi forsøgt at mindske størrelsen på holderen, så den bliver let at håndtere og bruge.

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