Vindmøller og borgermodstand

This project has looked at how visual or physical inconveniences, economical ownership models and citizen involvement, may all affect citizens opinions about becoming neighbours to big onshore wind turbines and how these reservations might all be met through citizen involvement. At last, we were then able to conclude that all of these citizens reservations can be improved through citizen involvement.

Genanvendelse af plastik

n this paper we examine the transition of the Danish plastic recycling praxis towards a more sustainable praxis. Our theoretical frame is partially based on use of the theory of sociotechnical systems and the terms standardization of methods and boundary objects. Through our analysis and the conclusion of the paper we conclude that the transition mentioned above is highly dependent on communication between actors within the industry. Furthermore, we argue that the framework presented by Geels in the theory of sociotechnical systems may not completely fit the reality we met during out work.


This project focus on the current climate changes. The main problem in this report is to investigate whether or not biogas is sustainable in long terms. The paper will go through a critical analysis of biogas as a sustainable technology and present pros and cons. Furthermore we used qualitative methods as interview with Sine Beuse Fauerby from a union called “Danmarks Naturfredningsforening” and a field trip to Solrød Biogasanlæg. In addition, we have made a visual presentation to make our conclusion easy and understandable.

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