Konflikter i naturområdet Drivsåtskoven.


This report examines what effects an implantable cardioverter defibrillator can have on patients suffering from heart problems/diseases. Both positive and negative.
It also addresses some of the negative emotions and effects that can be caused by the use of an ICD-unit.
To be shocked by an ICD-unit can be a traumatizing experience. For the patient and anyone who might witness when a patient is getting shocked. Some patients might get to a point where the shock from the ICD-unit isn’t the best solution for that particular patient. But how does someone decide when that time is?



This report examines the different challenges that come forth in the pursuit of implementing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for business use and logistics. The report addresses the role of drone regulations in relation to the expansion of drone technology in Denmark as well as the ethical aspect of the implementation of autonomous drones. It is widely recognized that drones have the potential to improve a number of existing practices, such as measuring land very accurately and for infrastructure surveying.

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