Veras Vintage i kampen mod overforbrug

This semester project comes from a common interest in consumerism and overconsumption in the clothing industry. Overconsumption today has negative environmental consequences and as a result populations and companies are working towards sustainability. In this report we examine the innovative and sustainable company Veras Vintage. One mission for the company is to encourage people to buy more thrifted clothes rather than fast fashion trends. The assignment describes method and empirical data, theory, analysis and design. Actor-network-theory and design theories are used to analyze and develop



This report examines the different challenges that come forth in the pursuit of implementing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for business use and logistics. The report addresses the role of drone regulations in relation to the expansion of drone technology in Denmark as well as the ethical aspect of the implementation of autonomous drones. It is widely recognized that drones have the potential to improve a number of existing practices, such as measuring land very accurately and for infrastructure surveying.

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