Brugerdrevet analyse af Thirdroom

This paper is developed in collaboration with the non-profit organization Thirdroom.
Their collaborative platform, and use cases associated with it, will be the context of this
project. This project focuses on the process of cultivating Thirdroom in project work, and
how to get the platform to make sense for the users. We wish to investigate the cultivation
problem Thirdroom faces, by focusing on a specific workflow performed by students when

working on their project while searching for inspiration. Furthermore, the project is struc-
tured on the basis of the MUST-method, with its associated

Big data og subjektivitet

Dette projekt handler om subjektet og teknologien i hverdagen, samt hvordan datamining påvirker subjektet gennem personlig reklameføring

Forholdet til regnvand

Forholdet mellem subjektet (mennesket) og objektet (omgivelserne) ift. regn og skybrud.