Gaming eller Gambling

This paper analyzes lootboxes in context to the human behavior, surrounding its use
amongst the youth, that occurs through the use of video games monetization
systems, hence why this paper researches what makes these lootboxes attractive to
the youth. This will be carried out through the understanding of how behaviorism and
subsequently how reward systems in video game design works, by analyzing these
concepts through the use of actor-network theory. (…)

Crucial Aspects of Electric Vehicles

This paper examines the issue of different psychological and technological barriers in terms of Range Anxiety, when buying an electric vehicle in Denmark. Human inflicted climate change is causing global rising temperatures and politics are moving slowly to fix this problem. This paper uses a combination of expert knowledge in collaboration with the Danish Electric Vehicle Community, theory on consumer psychological barriers and a systematic analysis of the technological characteristics of the Tesla Model 3 in order to making a design, which can help a faster transition to the electric vehicle

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