Internet Governance – Techplomacy

For the last twenty years giant tech companies like Facebook and Google have been unilaterally claiming that they in their free will can reap the users private data as their raw material. From users private data they have collected predicted signals, and combined it into behavioral data, which is being sold to third party companies. The strategy of surveillance capitalism has enrolled the tech companies to be so powerful on an economic and predicted data aspect that we need to take action to retain and democratise the control over our personal data and the determinism of the future technology.

Red Resten

The purpose of this report is to examine how to decrease food waste in single – and family households by using an app as a tool to change their behaviour.

Our prototype was made as a story board in Photoshop. The initial design was brought to the interviews to get feedback for further development.

To have the best foundation to further develop the app, we looked at previous research papers that focus on this specific subject. We used the findings of those papers to establish what had previously worked and failed and made new design proposals based on that and our findings in our interviews

Informationsplatform – RUC Hub

In our assignment have we been occupied with information availability. Our primary focus has been to optimize the information available for students, in form of events and organizations etc. We have created a platform, which helps students at Roskilde University to optimize their overview and improve the social relations on Roskilde University as well, through our idea. Our main motivation for this idea was our own experience at the beginning of this semester.

Crucial Aspects of Electric Vehicles

This paper examines the issue of different psychological and technological barriers in terms of Range Anxiety, when buying an electric vehicle in Denmark. Human inflicted climate change is causing global rising temperatures and politics are moving slowly to fix this problem. This paper uses a combination of expert knowledge in collaboration with the Danish Electric Vehicle Community, theory on consumer psychological barriers and a systematic analysis of the technological characteristics of the Tesla Model 3 in order to making a design, which can help a faster transition to the electric vehicle

Prison Break the Conspiracy Board Game

Nogle er snitches, nogle er inmates. Inmates vil gerne optjene så mange frihedspoint som muligt, hvorimod snitches vil stjæle frihedspointene fra inmates og forpurre deres flugt plan. Brug kløgt for at finde ud hvem de andre er. Hyg jer!

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