Wind of Change

This research analyzes the vision of NSWPH for a North Sea energy island using environmental planning methods. It follows the backcasting method’s four phases to establish visions, identify measures, and analyze EU directives. The Baseline phase creates a bidding zone, addresses challenges, and examines the energy market. Proposed solutions include bidding zone review, grid expansion, and Power To X implementation for a sustainable EU energy system and island development. Implementation is crucial for a sustainable EU energy system and island development.

Internet Governance – Techplomacy

For the last twenty years giant tech companies like Facebook and Google have been unilaterally claiming that they in their free will can reap the users private data as their raw material. From users private data they have collected predicted signals, and combined it into behavioral data, which is being sold to third party companies. The strategy of surveillance capitalism has enrolled the tech companies to be so powerful on an economic and predicted data aspect that we need to take action to retain and democratise the control over our personal data and the determinism of the future technology.

elbilers begrænsninger og muligheder

As the world is becoming more and more aware of the environmental problems we are causing to the climate. Electric vehicles are a widely accepted potential solution or at least a big contributor to a less environmentally damaging society. We want to find out why the electric vehicle isn’t more widespread in danish society. This paper examines the difficulties in diffusing this solution to the general public both from a technical point of view and form a social science perspective and it tries to bring a solution to the table that employs every part of society, from the individual to corporatio

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