This paper tries to examine the relationship between humans and their prosthesis, and the how the technology have an effect on the human psyche. We have tried to illuminate the issues that prosthesis users experience through a phenomenological approach to semi structured interviewing, focus group interviewing and analysis. Through the dramaturgical sociology theory made by Erving Goffman and the social identity theory by Henri Tajfel, we try to explain possible changes in the personal and social identity of the prosthesis users. We can conclude that we have only obtained a partial answer.

elbilers begrænsninger og muligheder

As the world is becoming more and more aware of the environmental problems we are causing to the climate. Electric vehicles are a widely accepted potential solution or at least a big contributor to a less environmentally damaging society. We want to find out why the electric vehicle isn’t more widespread in danish society. This paper examines the difficulties in diffusing this solution to the general public both from a technical point of view and form a social science perspective and it tries to bring a solution to the table that employs every part of society, from the individual to corporatio

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