Gaming eller Gambling

This paper analyzes lootboxes in context to the human behavior, surrounding its use
amongst the youth, that occurs through the use of video games monetization
systems, hence why this paper researches what makes these lootboxes attractive to
the youth. This will be carried out through the understanding of how behaviorism and
subsequently how reward systems in video game design works, by analyzing these
concepts through the use of actor-network theory. (…)

Teknologien bag selvkørende biler

This paper seeks to study how the different technological artefacts in a self driving car function. In addition, it also investigates how one can learn about the Artificial Intelligence used in these cars, by constructing a virtual 3D simulation using the engine Unity. Some of the more relevant technological artefacts are explained, as well as their link and connection to one another, to get a sense of the coherence between the different sensors and the AI in a self driving car. The process of learning by constructing a simulation is examined by using John Dewey’s theory about …

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