Quantifed self

This paper seeks to study different aspects of self-tracking and some of the technologies behind it. A selection of technologies in wearable self-tracking units are explained, including how they work compared to traditional ways of monitoring, for example heart rate. The connection between humans and wearable self-tracking technologies is analysed using actor network-theory and Bruno Latour’s concept of purification and hybridization. In addition,
how an user most effectively uses these technologies is analysed and discussed based of personal experiments with self-tracking.These experiments…

Teknologien bag selvkørende biler

This paper seeks to study how the different technological artefacts in a self driving car function. In addition, it also investigates how one can learn about the Artificial Intelligence used in these cars, by constructing a virtual 3D simulation using the engine Unity. Some of the more relevant technological artefacts are explained, as well as their link and connection to one another, to get a sense of the coherence between the different sensors and the AI in a self driving car. The process of learning by constructing a simulation is examined by using John Dewey’s theory about …

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