Teknologisk genoptræning

This report concerns the usage of sensor technology, where we focus on an already existing tech-nology named ICURA trainer. This technology is being used in several municipalities around Denmark, including Roskilde, to help patients with hip and/or knee injuries, undergo a more ef-fective rehabilitation period. This is done using these ICURA trainer sensors, which collect and analyze how well a patient performs their rehabilitation exercises.
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Facebooks Relevansalgoritme

Et indblik i Facebooks relevansalgoritme og dens magt.

AI Workshop : Graphic design

Vi har under denne workshop lavet et program, hvor en bruger kan lave en tegning, hvorefter programmet omdanner det til et maleri med Pablo Picasso stilart.

Koden: https://editor.p5js.org/Kristoffer333/sketches/o6vJkts1Z


Optimering af How To RUC

The focus of this report concerns the new Moodle course called How to RUC, which was devel-oped under the restrictions of COVID-19. The course was made as an alternative for new students, to receive the necessary information before starting at Roskilde University. We used methods like workshops, and an analysis of the current How to RUC design, to get an understanding of our problem. After multiple design iterations and tests, built using web design, general user experience and cognitive psychology theory, we have come up with a design with both similarities and contrast to the original design