De indre mekanismer af onboarding

This project revolves around the onboarding-process on the website Thirdroom. Thirdroom is facing a problem due to its lack of resources, to maintain sufficient amounts of mentors for mentor driven onboarding. In the future Thirdroom is meant to be a collaborative tool, for the entirety of Roskilde University. To solve this problem, this project seeks to establish an IT-facilitated solution. In solving this problem, we applied theory about gamification, first impressions, nudging and more. The end result is an onboarding-process which we hope inspires the future of Thirdroom.

Cup holder – Digital production 2021

Video explaining my process from idea to finished model.

Optimering af How To RUC

The focus of this report concerns the new Moodle course called How to RUC, which was devel-oped under the restrictions of COVID-19. The course was made as an alternative for new students, to receive the necessary information before starting at Roskilde University. We used methods like workshops, and an analysis of the current How to RUC design, to get an understanding of our problem. After multiple design iterations and tests, built using web design, general user experience and cognitive psychology theory, we have come up with a design with both similarities and contrast to the original design


Coding snake as part of the course “Noob to Master”