VR til fjernundervisning

The purpose of this project is to study and examine the use of Virtual Reality at Danish Higher Educational Institutions, for their online classes and courses. The report seeks to clarify what type of technology Virtual Reality is, and how a future implementation can be achieved through distance learning. To meet these ends, the theory of distance learning, as posited by American philosopher Hubert Dreyfus, is analyzed in relation to existing knowledge and insights of the initial Danish Covid-19 lockdown, in the spring of 2020.

Chat rooms for ensomme

In the following paper we wish to examine how online chatrooms such as AldrigAlene.dk can help young people with problems like loneliness. It is a common problem that especially young people experience loneliness, and can feel that it is a difficult topic to talk about.
In a time where the internet and technology is a big part of our society, it is also a tool where we now can find help with a lot of mental and physical problems. We will research what chatroom technology can offer young people with loneliness.

Et værktøj til deacceleration

This paper wishes to investigate podcast as a technology and its expediency when it comes to conveying
and distributing a mindful experience. Through an introduction to theories about mindfulness, its relevance
in modern life and a description of podcast as a technology a mindful sound experience is designed.

En hverdag på Christiania

Lydoplevelsen finder sted på Christiania. Vi følger en person(HP) fra ca. kl. 17(fyraften) til om morgenen dagen efter.
Herunder findes her 4 filer:
“Showtime” er vores færdige produkt og lydoplevelse.
“Mere om HP” er et interview a la behind the scenes med vores elskede karakter og hovedperson “HP” som vi følger i “En hverdag på Christiania”.
“HP om Workshop” er HP som fortæller om hans oplevelse af workshoppen.
“Emil om Workshop” er en video hvorpå Emil fortæller lidt om hvad vi har lavet de sidste 2 uger. 🙂

Safe Copenhagen

In the following paper we wish to examine how the individual respond to surveillance. Overall, there´s more than 1.5 million CCTV cameras in Denmark corresponding to 1 CCTV camera per 3.5 person. Whereas 300.000 of those CCTV cameras are recording in public
We wish to understand the influence of surveillance on the individual’s behavior and what psychological responses may occur when they are under surveillance.
Surveillance in all its forms is all around us, in our phones, in public and when doing the Christmas shopping online, something right under the surface, but not often noticed. We