In The Chains Of Algorithms

This project is a study regarding the usage of Facebook’s News Feed focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This project’s research will also include the effects the technology has on the users, in particular how the algorithms might polarize and in worst case radicalize the user. Our findings show that Facebook’s news feed consists of machine learning, decision trees and matrixes. These technological parts are what makes every single news feed individual and can to some extent make a user polarised and radicalised.

In our theoretical part of the project we made an in-depth


Videoen til launch ligger under milepælen “Showtime præsentation” – god fornøjelse”

Glade og engageret studerende

Launch indeholder testdata fra vores respondenter. Det er vigtigt at sige, at vi ikke kan generalisere ud fra den data vi har fået, men det giver en udemærket indikation.

Forståelse for klimakrisen

Threatning textiles report