Sociale Medier og Unges Mistrivsel

The focus of this case study is to explore and possibly conclude on whether the influence of social media has a direct effect and cause on children’s well-being specifically Danish children in secondary school. This case study is centered in the Science, Technology and Society field supported by theories from Design and Construction. With use of qualitative interviews of a graduating class and various reports on Danish students’ well-being as well as theories from sociologist Erving Goffman. This paper explores the possibility that social media might have an impact on the students’ well-being.

AI som ven

The purpose of this project is to find the most optimal way to prevent suicide attempts amongst young adults by introducing a technological solution, such as the implementation of chatbots.

3D printed rosette

The final product!

pant på telefoner

This paper focuses on the recycling of mobile phones and the lack of efficacy of already existing systems. It also proposes an idea for a new, more innovative kind of design for a recycling system, which combines elements of leasing and depositing. Furthermore, the contents of this paper uses methods such as Soft Design Science Methodology and interviews to examine how such a system can be as consumer-friendly and sustainable as possible without sacrificing its effectiveness. Using methods such as these also create a link to the various subjects that students of the HumTek Bachelor education.

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