Can you feel it?

Climate change continues to be a pressing issue. However, it seems that traditional ways of communicating climate change fail to communicate the urgency of the issue. This project proposes a different arts-based approach to broaden our perspectives on climate change. This project creates an audio walk in Copenhagen, which addresses climate change through sound, by engaging with found spaces and utilizing speculative design. The project shows how an audio walk can provoke deep emotions and engage the audience in dialogues regarding climate change, and potentially transform their ideas and minds


The paper concludes that the use of facial recognition as a surveillance tool is highly problematic, since it allows everyone to be a subject of suspicion. Furthermore, big tech-companies like Facebook and Apple are in a position to possess a huge amount of biometric data, whereby the user loses the ownership of their own personal data. As users we are willingly or without question giving these companies this data by using their technologies every day and by accepting opaque terms of condition.

Mental Sundhed – Oplysningsportal

In this report mental health and how to remedy the problem is examined. The group stumbled upon numbers from Psykiatrifonden showing how young women aged 16-24 had a 23.8 percentage of poor mental health. Therefore, the group chose to start a design process to solve this problem. A website was created to gather information. However, it was determined that the website alone would not succeed to help women with poor mental health and therefore a campaign was added to raise awareness of the website.