Mobilitetspraksisser: Enghave Plads

This report examines how Enghave Plads Station affects the mobility praxises on the square. The report identifies the design principles of M1, M2, Cityringen and Enghave Plads. Based on this, the report analyses the movement of the users on the square and how the arrangement of benches, bushes and trees might have a sociopetal or sociofugal effect on these patterns of movement.

Lagring af vedvarende energikilder

Global climate changes have over the last couple of decades become a genuine threat to our planet. Therefore, the European Union amongst other global & intercontinental committees, set a plan for Europe to reduce their CO₂ emissions. The overall CO₂ emissions have to be reduced by 40% by 2030. Furthermore, Denmark has committed itself to completely be carbon-emission neutral by 2050.

Fuzzy to Final – workshop: Starlight

Starlight has seen the dawn – The video of the final disign is attached below.
The idea that a lamp can be both a serious dinner table lamp with a stylish look, and a festive partytrick is manifested in this functional prototype.

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