Fast Fashion

The paper examines reasons for why individuals buy and use clothes and how notions of sustainability is seen in relation to clothing consumption whereby the study is conducted as a case study with a focus on Danish individuals between the age 18 to 29. This study’s point of departure is positioned around questions on how to handle consumerism, in a world where resources are limited and considerations on the environmental impact of overconsumption must be made. Therefore, firstly accounts on sustainability and with a view on the phenomenon of Fast Fashion is presented.

Teknologisk formidling til folkeskolen

Projektet omhandler teknologiforståelse i folkeskolen, og introduktion af dette som fag i indskolingen. Gruppen har udviklet en robot og et programmeringssprog til eleverne i indskolingen, der skal medvirke øget teknologiforståelse, digital dannelse og forberedelse til det fremtidige samfund og arbejdsmarked.

Derudover sammenlignes gruppens produkt med en mulig konkurrent, LEGO MINDSTORMS. Der undersøges også teknologiundervisning i Holland og USA, hvorefter en sammenligning med Danmark finder sted.

Robotter og Levendegørelse

Dette er vores endelige produkt

Edible garden

This paper focuses on elements of a design to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases within the production of food to add to the sustainable development of our society. Because of huge emissions by the production, distribution, and disposal of produce of conventional agriculture, the purpose of this assignment is to compare the make an analysis between conventional agriculture and non-soil solutions. Furthermore, the three non-soil productions, hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics are analyzed to find the best compatible with our design.

Computer conversation WS