Historiske computerspil

This paper seeks to investigate the technology historical videogames and how the user is affected by the technology when being introduced to factual history from the game.

Kunstig livmoder

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Ferie Alternativ #WSF21

Her har vi en video præsentation af vores proces.

HumTeks egen discord

How can we accommodate the lack of engagement and mental well being at RUC.

During our workshop, we created a design sprint. Here we took the 5 workdays of the week into different sections; Monday we looked for the underlying causalities and symptoms, Tuesday we looked to create different solutions, Wednesday we picked out the most favored solution, Thursday we created a prototype and Friday we tested the prototype out on our target audience. The effectiveness of the design sprint mean that we could identify the lack of social ties and that a discords server could help. Testing was positive.

Refill af emballage

Basisprojekt 1

Air Hockey Game

Workshop – From Noob to Master Programmer
Air Hockey Spil – 2 Players/Spillere

Prøv spillet her: https://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/975642

Se præsentationsvideoen af spillet her: https://video.ruc.dk/media/0_a8bnqfaz

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