IT-sikkerhed i små virksomheder

The purpose of this project is to pinpoint where small-sized businesses in Denmark can improve their IT-security procedures. In order to do so, we have partnered up with a small-size music venue to investigate its IT-security practices, and determine the severity of their vulnerabilities, if any. Small- sized businesses usually have a low level of IT-security, due to it being a highly resource demanding process to initiate and maintain.

IT-sikkerhed i danske SMV’er

Projektet handler om hvordan it-sikkerheden i danske SMV’er kan undersøges, analysere og måske forbedres.

Virtual Reality på hospitaler

This project seeks to examine, how Virtual Reality can function as active distraction in painful medical treatments at hospitals. Child patients are often subjected to painful medical treatments, such as vaccinations or intravenous-drop placements. Research has shown that pain can lead to consequences if not handled properly.


The common areas on the dormitory Korallen in Trekroner is the main subject of this paper, with the main problem being grave dissatisfaction with these common areas. The residents think that the common areas are dull, dirty and poorly lighted and they have tried to improve them on their own, but without much success. This paper will focus on the poor lighting, to try and improve the common areas, by redesigning the lighting system. This improvement will bring forth a physical design based on research done, about the residents, the dorm and relation between people and light. (…)

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