Machine-learning i sundhedsvæsenet

This project is about the potential advantage and consequences, that machine learning could have in the Danish health care system. The focus is prediction of patient absenteeism which we will shed a light on, through our own machine learning model, In connection with a literature analysis.
The literature analysis is made, due to the load of experiments and surveys already made on the topic. One of the scientific articles that we are working with, is an experiment about the specific topic of our project prediction of patient absenteeism through machine learning.
In the project there will be i

Modern sun watch

People to time – This clock shows you the day visually by the sun’s movement. You will experience appreciation by the transformation of the day. Enjoy the sunrise, the clear blue sky, a colorful sunset and the bright stars during the night. All this by not knowing and worrying about the specific time clockwise.

En bæredygtig RUC-bar

This project examines the possibilities of reducing the use of single-use plastic cups in RUC-bar. With grounding in the Design Science Research realm, the project aims at creating a design solution, working within the premises of abductive logic. The exposition and analysis are structured within the design process model “The Double Diamond”, allowing for a flexible and iterative approach to problem-solving. Conclusively, the paper will present a recommendation for the chairperson of RUC-bar, encompassing the design solution and guidance thereof.

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