Delebiler i det offentlige transportsy

Many people do not have the need for a car every day, and it does not become cheaper over time to have a car, however, various car companies such as Share Now have made it possible for those who cannot afford a car or want to save money by using a car. This project will account for our approach towards analysis of the subject, and how it can be possible to make carpooling more easy, satisfying, and simple for users by making an app.

En bæredygtig RUC-bar

This project examines the possibilities of reducing the use of single-use plastic cups in RUC-bar. With grounding in the Design Science Research realm, the project aims at creating a design solution, working within the premises of abductive logic. The exposition and analysis are structured within the design process model “The Double Diamond”, allowing for a flexible and iterative approach to problem-solving. Conclusively, the paper will present a recommendation for the chairperson of RUC-bar, encompassing the design solution and guidance thereof.

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