Machine-learning i sundhedsvæsenet

This project is about the potential advantage and consequences, that machine learning could have in the Danish health care system. The focus is prediction of patient absenteeism which we will shed a light on, through our own machine learning model, In connection with a literature analysis.
The literature analysis is made, due to the load of experiments and surveys already made on the topic. One of the scientific articles that we are working with, is an experiment about the specific topic of our project prediction of patient absenteeism through machine learning.
In the project there will be i

Automatisk Plante Vanding

This project aims to produce a solution to the problem surrounding the small number of young adults that buy houseplants. The conclusion for this problem came from an analytical production process, in which design theory played a key role. The project has utilized several methods of creating and constructing an analysis of the problem at hand, and several design methods to work an idea into a tangible and functional product. The analytical methods used to establish a documented understanding of the problem involve interviews, colored cognitive mapping, diffusion of innovation, as well as sever