This project aims to understand the growing problem of an increase in students experiencing severe exam anxiety over the years. The so-called performance culture is building additional pressure on students to perform well and get good grades, with the fear of having the preferred options later in life if they don’t perform well here and now.
The project will be based around designing and developing an immersive performance installation, that will be able to portray the affects that students experience in relation to exam anxiety, with said experiences gathered from a series of interviews of st

Robotter og psykolgi

This project report is on the use of a welfare robot by the name of VECTOR and its use in elder care, including an analysis of why it would work and how it should be implemented into the current system.

Madspild og system optimering

This paper reveals a clearer picture of food circulation as a larger system and how small incremental changes to said system are likely to not have any significant positive effect on the problem, and how households have a huge role in the amount of total food waste in Denmark. Furthermore, the sociotechnical analysis highlights barriers to improvement within the system. The thesis concludes that these emerging technologies are more of a gimmick than a solution – an attempt to insert a middleman between the consumer and their food consumption with no apparent advantage.


En lille ide om genanvendelig pap som kopholder for RUC Bar eller Roskilde Festival er blevet til en realisering. Dette produkt går ud til dem der ikke kan holde 6 kopper. Til dem der ikke har hænder nok. DET STOPPER NU!

Med denne Pack holder er der kun brug for en hånd. Holderen gør resten af arbejdet.

Dette produkt er 100% Pap materiale.

Præstationsangst app

Et projekt der omhandler eksamensangst. I dette projekt udvikler vi en prototype der skal hjælpe folk med eksamensangst.

Artificial Misinformation

En Ai som kan kommunikere med os når vi stiller den et spørgsmål.

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