OOA og Mediebilledets diskurs

This study examines the media discourses about Denmark’s public energy planning politics with focus on nuclear energy and public activistic movements. This study examines the relationship between the public opinion and how it was influenced by the anti-nuclear movement OOA and their activities. Through the gathering of empirical resources from contemporary newspapers this study examines how different this movement was portrayed in the public media and how the media acquired their own opinions. It examines OOA and how they influenced people and the media’s opinion.

Fremtidens landbrug – Vertical farming

This project examines the concept of vertical farming and its future possibilities in Danish agriculture. It investigates political, social and historical aspects of agriculture and is based on a case study on one of the leading vertical farm companies in Europe, Nordic Harvest. These aspects will be examined and analyzed with use of Dickson Despommier’s (2010) theories on vertical farming and will be put into perspective by looking at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, the project contains an in depth analysis of the most important technological features

Bæredygtig emballage i detailhandlen

This project investigates the issues regarding the extensive use of plastic in retail today, as well as developing solutions that can eliminate or reduce the current use of plastic in retail. We started our process by finding information about plastic, its use and environmental impacts. We then made a questionnaire and distributed it on Facebook. Parallel to the research, we worked on developing our solutions.