Implementeringer af Random Reward Mech

The goal of this paper is to examine the feature of Random Reward Mechanisms (focused on loot boxes as an artifact) in video games and hopes to spark more discussions and investigations into the topic. Our focus was set on examining the consequences of loot boxes on certain social elements such as individuals and game developers/publishers. We have collected theories and methods from various scientific areas such as Actor-Network theory, Social Construction of Technology and Nudging. We have put them to use by analyzing the current situation from the perspective of an individual consumer and t

Thorium fuel and LFTR reactors

A project on the viability of thorium as a nuclear resource

3D printning af våben

3D printing is going to play a huge role in the world’s industries whether we like it
or not, however with the limitless possibilities of what you can 3D print, there will be
misuse of the technology. Most of us have already heard about the Liberator, and
how it was the first 3D printed weapon that could fire a bullet, but how far have we
come since then? The purpose of this study is to inquire more knowledge about the
misuse of 3D printers, in the forms of firearms.


Stress has throughout history helped us survive l by triggering our fight or flight response, during situations we deem threatening, as we evolved overtime so has perception of threats, our fight or flight no longer triggers exclusively, when we are in a life or death situation. It triggers when we feel pressured, be it by society or academics. The purpose of this study is to inquire more knowledge about the effects and causes of stress on the body and mind and how a design could be developed to relieve some of the symptoms stressed out students’ experiences. The study utilizes the core belief

Psykiske sygdomme simuleres i rum

The purpose of this study is to investigate how one can create a design, using Virtual Reality, that seeks to simulate mental illness, and thereby create an own-body experience.  However, this research, is focused on creating a simulation of social anxiety only. By analysis of self-conducted interviews with specialists and people who suffer from social anxiety we have further built our understanding of social anxiety. This has helped us in creating an optimal simulation scenario.

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