Smart Homes/Smart Mirror

The focus of this project is Subjectivity, Technology and Society, apart from this the report
will also include elements from the course Technology, Systems and Artefacts. The purpose of
this report is to research what consequences Smart Home devices can have on their user’s
privacy and the security of their homes and find out whether these consequences can have
negative or positive effects. Furthermore, we introduce our own homemade Smart Home
device, a Smart Mirror.

New Drone Order

The main focus of the project is Technology, Systems and Artefacts. Apart from TSA, the report will also include Subjectivity, Technology and Society, also known as STS. The project’s goal is to research whether the drone delivery service we have in mind is plausible or not, in which ways it is challenged, and what kind of technological system would be able to smoothen out the difficulties. We attempt to find a solution to drones having to deliver packages to apartments, with inspiration from a short film called SKYWATCH.

Køl ned

Et designforslag til Roskilde Festival hvor du kan komme og køle en øl ned for en cykeltur. Kom og vær’ med, og bliv klogere på bæredygtighed sammen med dine venner!

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