This project entails the investigation into the different areas of work with eelgrass, with the intent of possibly finding common ground between the present actors. The project will cover the biological bases of how eelgrass works, what it has been used for historically, the many ways it is being used today, and the significance of its presence in the modern ecosystem.
The project will utilize information gathered from biologists, field workers, harvesters and manufacturers, and the project will look for areas of interest between the different participants.

Basargrunden ved Nørrebro station

Re-design af Basargrunden ved Nørrebro

Optimering af byrum

Mødested for studerende i Jernbanebyen.

Støjreduktion i byen

This study examines the implementation possibilities of noise reduction technologies in Copenhagen. We are focusing on the urban space Kongens Nytorv by researching how noise is affecting the use of the square. Kongens Nytorv is a big open space with heavy traffic surrounding it that produces heavy noise. By using different observations methods and social theories we will make a purpose for implementation of noise reduction technologies to strengthen the usage of the square as a place of residence for users. This will be done through the development of several different design proposals, whose

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