Cookies i medier

Tracking cookies (and pixel-tracking) are both methods that help collecting data around and about internet users. Cookies collect information and data on different formats, while pixels essentially do the same, but, apparently, with more variety in data collected on the user (and then sent to the pixel-creators server).
Advantages of tracking cookies and pixels (tracking, in general terms) could be that marketing can be targeted and be more relevant to the targeted subject. Disadvantages could be the ethical implications that the implementation of the tracking would provoke.

Seksuel krænkelse på arbejdsmarkedet

Mennesket bruger cirka ⅓ af sin hverdag på arbejdspladsen. Derfor er det essentielt at arbejdspladsen er et godt og trygt sted, hvor både det fysiske og psykiske arbejdsmiljø er tilfredsstillende. Især det psykiske miljø, hvor seksuel krænkende adfærd finder vi relevant, da problematikken kan have negative konsekvenser for den det går udover (Heinskou et al, 2017).
Det kan dog være svært at definere hvornår noget er seksuel krænkende, og hvor den enkelte persons grænse er. For hvad der er seksuel krænkende for én, er ikke nødvendigvis gældende for alle andre.

Forståelse for klimakrisen

Threatning textiles report

The RUC event app!

In this assignment, we have been looking into information availability of university events for Roskilde University students. The main focus has been to optimize the way information from student organizations is relayed to others, and to help to improve the overview of this information. We also investigated the importance of social relations in universities and how it affects the study environment and student welfare.

Tryghedsskabende velfærdsteknologi

Undersøgelse af konsekvenser som følge af GPS-tracking af demente ud fra et pårørende perspektiv samt de samfundsmæssige påvirkninger af IoT-udviklingen.

GNSS & mikromobilitet

This project addresses the impact GNSS-technology has on the development of the new company-driven micromobility in Copenhagen. The project first analyzes GNSS-Technology, then take the diffusion of the technology into consideration by holding Everett Rogers’ “Diffusion and Innovations” up against one official evaluation report, a survey on mobility habits in Copenhagen and the embedded social practices suggested in John Urry’s theory about the new mobility paradigm.

Autonome Køretøjer

We are currently living in the middle of a truly massive paradigm shift, in the way that we interpret the modern car. In this paper, we will examine the opportunities that the implementation of autonomous vehicles will have on our daily lives. We will dive into the technology, its capabilities and the benefits that the technology present. Our focus will lie on the infrastructural changes necessary for a successful launch of these vehicles. The infrastructural changes will cover, new road designs for our city centers, a change of the modern highway and a connected traffic network. Furthermore,

Kystsikring af Køge Bugt

This paper examines the consequences of combined coastal- and pluvial floods and how to
plan against flooding, in a case study of the current coastal protection plan in Køge municipal
called; Lokalplan 1050-Køge Dige. The project is examined through a hypothetical-deductive
approach, drawing on theory about technology analysis, urban flooding and combined floods.
Through the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods in a mixed-methods
approach, the study has collected data that is used throughout the paper.


In modern times, we’re all aware of the rapid climate changes and drastic changes in nature, resulting in modern society having to adapt. Some of these changes, are floods which can destroy large areas and comes with great expenses. In this paper, we’ve chosen to analyse and investigate the area of Jyllinge Nordmark in Roskilde Fjord, by looking at the coast-protection project which is still in process. The paper will include sections to describe the chosen technology and argue why they’ve chosen to work with this form of technology.


This paper investigates the best possible learning strategy to inform children in primary school about climate change throughout a possible design solution. This design solution works sideways ecophobia among children and seeks to prevent further development. This project is based on the dimensions Design and Construction, and Subjectivity, Technology and Society. To investigate further, this paper will examine theories behind learning and teaching and how to generate a design for children. Getting to know what children from primary school knows about climate change, this project…

Klimaklubben – klimaadfærd app’en

This paper addresses the immediate need for a tool to help facilitate sustainable ecological action among young Copenhageners. It examines the underlying barriers which obstruct climate friendly behaviour while concluding that the success of such a tool relies heavily on certain social factors. It ventures on to describe the iterative design process that follows the initial analysis. The paper relies heavily on the works of Anthony Giddens as well as an interview with a climate expert and several interviews with representatives from the target group.

Kodning og lytterinddragelse i Mads og

Dette projekt belyser, hvordan Danmarks Radio, henholdsvis radioprogrammerne Mads og Monopolet på P4 og Pelle Peter på P3 koder et radioprogram, med henblik hvordan de inddrager modtagerne. Først analyseres radio, som en teknologi og medie ved at analysere radioens formål, effekter ved anvendelsen, samt hvilket teknologisystem radioen er en del af.

Herefter analyseres indholdet i programmet – med fokus på koden og lytterinddragelse. Det kan konkluderes, at radioprogrammerne koder deres meddelelser til lytterne for at undgå misforståelser, og samtidig inddrager de modtagerne.

YouTube and addiction

This paper examines how YouTube affects the sleeping patterns of young people. More specifically young people in Brønshøj, Copenhagen. The results show that there is a high correlation between YouTube consumption, and sleep deprivation, among the youth participating in this paper.
To examines this problem, the project group investigated theories of sleep and addiction.
Interviews have been conducted in a youth club in Brønshøj, Copenhagen, to collect information on usage patterns and frequency.


This report examines what effects an implantable cardioverter defibrillator can have on patients suffering from heart problems/diseases. Both positive and negative.
It also addresses some of the negative emotions and effects that can be caused by the use of an ICD-unit.
To be shocked by an ICD-unit can be a traumatizing experience. For the patient and anyone who might witness when a patient is getting shocked. Some patients might get to a point where the shock from the ICD-unit isn’t the best solution for that particular patient. But how does someone decide when that time is?

Datastyret politisk kommunikation

This paper examines propaganda and the work of Cambridge Analytica during the Trump presidential campaign in 2016.

Personlig CO2-tracker app

The climate is changing drastically, and scientists all over the world are agreeing that humans are at fault. To combat this it’s necessary to cut down on CO2 emissions all over the world, and a good place to start is with the everyman. By using nudging and theories from Anthony Giddens about Precautionary Principles, we have designed an app that will enlighten the user about their personal CO2 footprint, and thereby help them lower their negative impact on the climate.


This project focus on the current climate changes. The main problem in this report is to investigate whether or not biogas is sustainable in long terms. The paper will go through a critical analysis of biogas as a sustainable technology and present pros and cons. Furthermore we used qualitative methods as interview with Sine Beuse Fauerby from a union called “Danmarks Naturfredningsforening” and a field trip to Solrød Biogasanlæg. In addition, we have made a visual presentation to make our conclusion easy and understandable.

Gyllebaseret Biogas

This paper aims to uncover the reason why only fifteen percent of the potential for manure based biogas production in Denmark has been exploited. The field of biogas plants will be ​examine, b​ y using methods such as interview, stakeholder analysis and the TRIN model. The theories of the TRIN model, the concept of sustainability and circular economy is defined and also put into context with manure based biogas production. This paper will furthermore analyze and discuss the findings of study, while finally present a visual presentation, which content will advocate for more manure based (…)

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