Den flydende Smart City

In this project we drew our attention towards heating in particular and how it is planned in Denmark. We take a detailed look at the Danish government’s heating plans, and the recent changes made in these, to evaluate how they see their way out of the crisis.

Google Maps for viden

Workshop project about fear and AI

Klimasikring af Nyborg bykerne

In this report we are concerned with extreme precipitation in urban environments and the methods used to prevent flooding. The project sets out to describe different urban drainage systems for implementation in the city of Nyborg, which have the capacity to handle the worsening consequences of climate change.

Æstetisk videreudvikling af Trekroner

This project seeks to redevelop the connecting tunnel between platforms on the local train station in Trekroner and reevaluate the importance that aesthetics should have when designing spaces for public pedestrian use.
This project concludes that an aesthetic change would be highly beneficial for the users of the tunnels in Denmark both mentally and in user-friendliness. There is a lacking aesthetic beautification throughout the Danish tunnel network and pathways that could be rectified using aesthetics and using Jan Gehls quality criteria.

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