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Det færdige projekt.

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Workshop project about fear and AI


Ta-Daa! Det færdige projekt 🙂

Eftersom jeg kun har 600 tegn i dette tekstfelt kan du finde abstract på s. 2 i pdf rapporten.


Unfortunately I cannot upload a picture of the final product, but it actually turned out really well.
You can try the final game yourself or check out the code via this link:


This project seeks to confirm or deny the hypothesis that students at Roskilde University in Denmark have an overall negative perception of the future. Based on the negative rhetoric and scaring artifacts concerning the future, not to mention the substantial research supporting the fact that there is an overwhelming fear with particularly young people, who are concerned about what the future holds. With doomsdays prophecies from everything from the climate crisis to the corona crisis. But is this fear truly justified? What does the data show us about the future?

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