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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to conduct an interview, how can i assure that it’s okay to put a sound bite, movie clip or picture up on my timeline?

To make sure you add interviews on the timeline ‘the right way’, download the form below and let the person(s) who are interviewed sign it before you start the interview.

Blanket til empiri og medie interviews til Thirdroom
Form for interviews published at Thirdroom

I want to hand in my midterm paper using Thirdroom, how do I do that?

Fill out the milestone on the timeline called ‘FEEDBACK/midterm’. Just add your paper (you can upload a pdf) – remember to write a reading/feedback guide to your peers. If you have a product you would like feedback on, add that too.

Hit the “create milestone” button and when your happy with it, hit the “share” button and send it to your feedback advisor and feedback group.

Why can’t I add more posts to my timeline, I can only add 6?

The timeline is created as a tool to organize your project process, and it’s also a tool for communicating and presenting your research for your readers. In our studies we found that it is hard to take in and navigate between more than 6 posts, while still keeping a good overview of the project and use the timeline productively. Therefore we try to aid the cognitive perception for you and your readers by keeping it simple, with the possibility of still adding more in depth content vertically inside the 6 posts.

I can’t find a picture for my frontpage that is big enough?

Try looking at the link here!

FOR RUC HUMTEK STUDENTS – Watch these videos, if you need help with uploading Problem definition presentation and Midterm evaluation presentation to Thirdroom:

Problem definition

Midterm evaluation