This paper investigates the possibilities of microalgae produced in a photobioreactor with the purpose of creating an alternative solution to the current Danish import of soy. There is a heavy demand for protein supplements in Danish agriculture which is currently being occupied by soy. The production of soy takes a heavy toll on the south American environment in which its grown and creating unnecessary CO2-emissions in the shipping to Denmark. The EU and the UN, and therefore Denmark, are making promises to cut CO2-emissions. Danish agriculture is responsible for a lot of the Danish emissions

Algoritmers indflydelse på unge

This report examines the use of TikTok and if there is any mental health that can be damaged if you’re a younger user of the social media platform. We decided to narrow down the target audience and have produced this question for research: “Which effect does the social media TikTok have on young individuals, and does it have potential positive and negative effects?”
Through research and analysis it can be concluded that there are both positive and negative consequences of using TikTok if you’re a younger individual. Both parents and younger people are aware of the pros and cons, but as it see

Sociale Medier og Unges Mistrivsel

The focus of this case study is to explore and possibly conclude on whether the influence of social media has a direct effect and cause on children’s well-being specifically Danish children in secondary school. This case study is centered in the Science, Technology and Society field supported by theories from Design and Construction. With use of qualitative interviews of a graduating class and various reports on Danish students’ well-being as well as theories from sociologist Erving Goffman. This paper explores the possibility that social media might have an impact on the students’ well-being.

Afhjælpning af unges stress og angst

In this paper, we will try to understand the association between younger students’ stress and
social media. Stress and mental health problems are growing problems among the youth, and
it is presumed that social media are the cause for it. We have been focusing on looking into
the relation between the young students of Instagram and how it influences their mental
health, described as social pressures such as Fear of Missing Out, the collective
understandings of the “perfect image”, and much more…

Kunstig livmoder

Dette er den endelige report.

VR i sammenspil med psykisk lidelse


VR i sundhedssektoren

VR’s applications have broadly been viewed as deeply connected and thus isolated within the gaming sector.

However, the technology’s ability to play with people’s perceptions using presence through incorporation of PI and PSI, means
that now applications within the health sector have shown more promise.

Considering people suffering from social anxiety disorder, this report seeks to uncover how therapists in conjunction with their patients are using VR in treatment.

Datingkulturen i det moderne samfund

The purpose of this project is to examine how Tinder works and have changed the way people date in the modern society.

Effektivitet uden stress

A paper on the effects of napping in the workplace

Fysisk aktivitet på arbejdspladser

This assignment seeks to examine the general health and physical activity amongst the Danish population. The paper starts off with an introduction which depicts the different complex of problems regarding overweight and general health and lifestyle diseases in Denmark. It specifically describes how obesity is not only an issue for the individual, but also impacts the economy and the society in general.

Psykisk sunhed

This project assignment is about mental health issues that occur among danish school students from grade 7 to 9, and what we can do to prevent them from handling their issues alone. Our problem definition is how we can create a better school environment for teenagers by creating an app that helps them talk about their mental health issues.

health tracking

This report examines associations between physical movement and tracking technology to describe how habit-forming technology can impact Danes age 16-64 towards increased health habits.

Algoritmer, Instagram og Mennesker

This project deals with the effects that Instagrams algorithms have on human behaviour in social settings, and on some users mental health. The project is based on theories about algorithms, social behaviour and health. Furthermore, it includes a study published by The Danish Health Authority in 2018. Since female users between the age of 16 and 24 have shown to be the most common users of Instagram, and the group with the highest percentage of mental health issues, they are this project’s main focus. The project includes four interviews with young women between 16 and 24 years of age.

Diagnosis Screening

The project, Diagnosis Screening, is a study about how to discover sicknesses and diagnoses before their outbreak through the blood screening technology. It’s about how to prevent the sicknesses and diagnoses, and how to improve the technology behind blood screening through papers from skilled researchers and professionals. The main focus point will be on the technology known as Cobas 6800, which will be analyzed with the research methods Roadmapping and the TRIN-Model from the lectures in the dimension TSA.

Mental Sundhed – Oplysningsportal

In this report mental health and how to remedy the problem is examined. The group stumbled upon numbers from Psykiatrifonden showing how young women aged 16-24 had a 23.8 percentage of poor mental health. Therefore, the group chose to start a design process to solve this problem. A website was created to gather information. However, it was determined that the website alone would not succeed to help women with poor mental health and therefore a campaign was added to raise awareness of the website.

Mental sundhed

This project investigates young women’s relationship to social media, were our target group is the 16 to 24 year old women. Our main focus is to find out how the social media is used by our target group, as well as what impact it can have on their mental health. We will use empirical methods as well as theoretical knowledge to get an overall view of the problem, and we will use it to create an understanding between our target group and us. We found out that the young women were aware of the impact of social media in their everyday life, through our quantitative study and our qualitative studie

Denvirkeligeverden 3.0

The world we live in now is digitized and the distance between people gets smaller and smaller. Now our access to each other has become easier than ever. Late modernity means that we have developed more technologies and that means that we are able to do more things without moving. Our identity is influenced by the aforementioned, as we are now independent of the traditional ways of life. The name of our project is “self-representation on Instagram”, and the goal of this project is to understand the development and formation of identity of young girls in late modern society. Our focus will be h

Gaming og Sundhedsvaner Blandt Unge

This report examines the relationship between children and gaming. Our focus is on how
gaming and the gaming industry affects children between 14 and 16 years of age. Studies
shows that, obesity among children is associated with increased screentime. We have used
different theories, such as SDOH and SCOT.
The analysis and research conducted throughout this report, helped shape our final design, which is a video.
Furthermore, we designed a model (GAUS) which describes the factors that affect the young
people’s behaviour, in relation to gaming and health habits.


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Instagram og mental sundhed

The purpose of this study is to investigate how Instagram as a social media affects young girls and their mental health. Firstly, this will be done by exploring how mental health is defined and what Instagram can provide the young girls with. Furthermore a questionnaire with young girls will be withdrawn to lighten up how the young girls act on Instagram and why they do certain things. To be able to conclude how their acts affect their mental health theorists such as Thomas Ziehe, Vincent Hendricks, Erving Goffman and Joshua Meyrowitz will be the fulcrum to an analysis…

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