Sociale Medier og Politik

This paper seeks an answer to the posing challenges of the uprising of social media and Twitter, in the modern political landscape. By looking at theory composed by the theorists Langdon Winner and Stig Hjarvard, we try to analyze and discuss the changes that social media has brought to the current political landscape. Twitter has had an impact on the way politicians’ campaign, and provides a large platform to, unsupervised, spread a lot of political information and opinions.

Autonome Køretøjer

We are currently living in the middle of a truly massive paradigm shift, in the way that we interpret the modern car. In this paper, we will examine the opportunities that the implementation of autonomous vehicles will have on our daily lives. We will dive into the technology, its capabilities and the benefits that the technology present. Our focus will lie on the infrastructural changes necessary for a successful launch of these vehicles. The infrastructural changes will cover, new road designs for our city centers, a change of the modern highway and a connected traffic network. Furthermore,

Sociale medier og mental sundhed

The theme of this paper has its roots in social media and mental health. Many people are using social media in their daily life. By doing so they might not question or noticing how it affects one’s mental health and wellbeing. As a group of students, we are concerned about the unawareness and potential consequences there is regarding social media providing a basis for a bad mental state.
The intention of this paper is to examine how a social media platform such as Instagram affects young people’s self-worth and identity and to create a critical design demonstrating this.

Workshop- Guerrilla Data Collection

Hvad ville det sige at tracke data.
i denne Workshop har vi lært at arbejde med Arduino og forskellige Arduino-boards og hvad man kan bruge det til .
Hvor meget er egentlig styret af teknologi i vores hverdag, og hvor stor betydning har det for hver enkelt borger..
vi har beskæftiget os med at lave kort ud fra de forskellige data koder som vi har indsamlet. 🙂

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