Genanvendelse af tøj

Vores eksamens aflevering basis projekt 1- genbrug af tekstil.

Nem Affaldssortering

Semesterprojekt for affaldssortering

Hydroponics i Byen

This report is centered around hydroponic systems and their place in society. Using the ‘Trin Model’ we analyse the benefits and detriments of water gardening in cities and common households. We will analyse whether they are cost effective, their easiness in use and their benefits to the environment, in which we lay the foundations of our own design. What we concluded, was that hydroponics is indeed beneficent on space, economy, but difficult to implement. In our own design we failed to produce a finished plant, but in the technique itself, we can conclude that it is possible to refine and imp

Thorium fuel and LFTR reactors

A project on the viability of thorium as a nuclear resource

Disinformation in media

A report that describes the work during the project,

Solceller i Danmark

The following paper strives to explain the circumstances relating to the use of solar panels in Danish households. We draw conclusions based on empirical evidence, analysis and theory from the “TRINmodel” and Actor-Network Analysis. Our goal is to create an understanding of what might limit or increase the purchase and installation of solar panels, with the hope that this knowledge might be used to further the use of solar panels.

Droner Til Undsætning

Drones delivering AED’s


This paper examines food waste in regard to private households as well as in production and retail. The paper will address problems which are directly and indirectly related to food waste, being the general waste that leads to overproduction, seeing as how the production must meet the demand in retail from customers – hence establishing a contrived demand which in turn leads to the continuation of overproduction. The paper will be mainly focused on prevention of food waste in the private households.

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