Kommunikation hos Feriepartner Møn-Ste

The study investigates the needs of Feriepartner Møn-Stevns, a vacation rental bureau. In an effort to increase effectiveness through a new digital feature, set to solve issues with their internal communication. It makes use of the MUST-method to focus on user centered analysis, design and strategic planning. The analytic data is obtained through conducting research observations with relevant stakeholders within the Bureau.
The study utilizes stakeholder analysis in order to structure Unified Modeling Language diagrams to visualize the “as-is” structure giving the data to restructure

Bitcoin Mining

Blockchain has proven to have huge transactional benefits, trust benefits as well as security benefits. But blockchain’s energy-intensive design process of bitcoin mining has proven to pose major climate challenges for the planet we live on and has become a more serious concern for our future.

NemID Hacking

phishing på højt plan


Our project aims to answer the question: “How can you build a technical design which secures the understanding of the processing regarding personal data to the average citizen as well securing a better understanding of the consequences by sharing personal data”. By utilizing surveys and collecting empirical data this study has found a need to increase the awareness of the average citizen regarding personal data being shared throughout the Internet. Finally, the studies illustrate how complicated it can be to understand what the average citizen is accepting while roaming around the Internet.

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